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Your marketing campaign can "cruise" towards greatness when you choose the Key Point: Car Care! Never forget to change your oil and other important fluids for your car. The guide includes car maintenance and safety tips. The product features 8 panels front and back and folds to a credit card size. This fact-filled fold-up guide to interesting and informative topics can be a great handout at your upcoming events!
$0.58 and up
This marketing tool will be the "key" to being prepared. Choose this Key Point First Aid Medical Emergencies pamphlet for your next fundraiser. What do you do for bleeding, burns or choking? Medical emergencies require a cool head and knowing the basics of first aid. Plus, there is a must-have first aid supply list. What a fantastic giveaway for your company's safety program! Order yours today.
$0.38 and up
Sexual violence is a major public health issue that can happen to anyone at any time. Spread awareness and information with our Pocket Slider™ - Sexual Violence Prevention. This slide chart lists the risk factors as well as prevention tips. This marketing tool makes an excellent giveaway during fundraisers, conferences and seminars. Enhance your company's upcoming promotion by ordering this product today!
$0.67 and up
Make sure to keep your precious baby healthy and happy with our Pocket Slider™ - Healthy Baby! This marketing tool provides vital information for all new parents. They'll learn when to call the doctor, how to choose a child care provider and stay informed by using its check-up guide. What a handy, informative giveaway. Enhance your upcoming promotional campaign by ordering this terrific product today!
$0.67 and up
The road to recovery begins with one step in the right direction, start with our Pocket Slider™ - Drug and Alcohol Abuse. This marketing tool makes an informative giveaway for upcoming seminars, tradeshows and conferences. This will enhance people's lives as well as your brand. Learn more about finding that step to achieving your goal by ordering this fantastic product for your campaign today!
$0.67 and up
Depression is a serious illness that can affect almost ten percent of the population every year. Our depression Pocket Slider™ gives you the facts that you need to recognize the warning signs in yourself and others. We cover the different types of depression and the symptoms and causes of both major depression and manic depression, also known as bipolar disorder. This marketing tool operates like a slide rule.
$0.67 and up
Always be prepared with this informative new guide! This marketing tool discusses hurricanes, tornadoes, flash floods, winter weather and much more. It includes a disaster supplies checklist and emergency contact info for helpful organizations. This item operates like a slide rule, match up the bullet point and view info and tips. Enhance your company's next campaign by ordering this fantastic product today.
$0.67 and up
You can "relax" knowing the giveaway for your company's upcoming campaign is covered with this great marketing tool! Our Pocket Slider - Stress Management makes an excellent addition to seminars and conferences. Do you know about "good stress" and "bad stress?" Learn the difference in addition to discovering how sleep, exercise, good nutrition and laughter can help you cope. Make sure to order yours today!
$0.67 and up
Keep your health on track with our Key Points™ - Men's Health Guide and Record Keeper! Keep up with your regular physical exams and track your blood pressure, cholesterol and other test results. Helping users maintain accurate records, this marketing tool makes an excellent giveaway for doctors' offices. Add your company's logo to this product to enhance patients' lives and your brand. Make sure to order yours today!
$0.38 and up
Promote a healthy lifestyle and awareness with our Pocket Slider™ - Quit Smoking! When you stop smoking, you are saving your health and saving money - an added bonus. This marketing tool features helpful tips on dealing with cravings, withdrawal and more. What an informative giveaway for upcoming seminars, tradeshows and conferences. Enhance your company's promotional campaign by ordering yours today!
$0.67 and up
Enjoy a dual-topic slider with our Pocket Slider™ - Saving for Your Retirement and All About Investing in the 401k. Saving for your retirement starts today! This marketing tool features guidelines to make the most of your 401k. What a terrific choice for real estate agencies and financial institutions. This is a terrific opportunity to promote your business. Add your company's logo and order yours today!
$0.66 and up
Stress less behind the desk with tips from this handy guide! This chart includes suggestions on exercise, proper posture, relaxation techniques and sitting positions for certain tasks. Learn ways to ease eye strain, support your back, and give yourself a break. This product operates like a slide rule, just match up the bullet point and view the information. Enhance your office by ordering this terrific marketing tool today!
$0.67 and up
Organize your bills and keep track of your finances with our Bill Paying Key Points™! This is a great way to track your monthly bills with a 12-month record keeper. It includes important money-saving tips. Our Key Points has a compact, accordion-style fold which is great to carry along in a pocket or wallet as it folds down to the size of a credit card. This marketing tool makes a handy giveaway for financial institutions. Order yours today!
$0.38 and up
Alzheimer's disease strikes every 72 seconds. Learn the symptoms, risk factors and causes with our Pocket Slider™ - Alzheimer's. This marketing tool features important information on reducing risks for the disease and tips for caregivers. This product operates like a slide rule, just match up the bullet point and view information and tips in the cut out window. What an excellent giveaway for your next promotion, order yours today!
$0.67 and up
Be prepared in a crisis situation with our Emergency Tips Post Up! When time matters most, we let you know what to do in an emergency, what you need to know when calling 9-1-1 and what to do before the EMT's arrives. We also give you a place to include your personal emergency numbers. Remove the pressure sensitive tape and use it as a mini-poster or use it as is for a bookmark. This marketing tool makes a great addition to fundraisers.
$0.58 and up
Enjoy two topics in one with our Pocket Slider™ - Smart Saving and Spending! This marketing tool features tips to help spend your money wisely. Additionally, this item offers explanations of common financial products. This is a dual-topic slider. The second side includes information on stages of financial life and buying a home. What a terrific choice for real estate agencies and financial institutions, order yours today!
$0.67 and up
Select this Key Points™ - Health Stats and Record Keeper as your next giveaway "stat"! Use this easy-to-use Key Points to help ease the confusion and lessen the anxiety of your doctor visits. Track your blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol over a series of several doctor visits. This marketing tool makes an excellent addition to upcoming tradeshows, conferences and seminars. Order yours today!
$0.38 and up
Make the most of your golden years with our Senior's Health and Safety Pocket Slider! We give information on exercise, healthy eating and some of the diseases affecting seniors, including Alzheimer's, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, stroke, menopause and osteoporosis. This item operates like a slide rule ,just match up the bullet point and view the information. This marketing tool is also available in Spanish!
$0.67 and up
Our Home Buying Tips Pocket Slider makes moving to a new home easier by taking some of the worries out of buying a new home! This marketing tool features helpful advice on shopping for a home and applying for a mortgage. It also includes tips on making an offer, home inspections and calculating monthly mortgage payments, as well as a 40-year loan period. Hand this terrific giveaway out during tradeshows!
$0.67 and up
This fantastic marketing tool is the perfect "dose" for your company's next promotional campaign! What medicines are you taking? With our Medication Record Keeper Key Points™, you'll track your medications including dosage, schedule and diagnosis. Record your prescription numbers as well. This product is a great at-a-glance. Enhance your upcoming promotion by ordering this terrific item today!
$0.38 and up
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